Choosing a FLAT Table Base

Choosing tables for your restaurant, hotel, café or bar is not always straight forward depending on the theme, layout, décor and budget. Fortunately, here at FLAT®, we have a range of tables to suit all your needs.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting a FLAT® Table Base

Indoors or Outdoors?

Where are your tables going to be situated – indoors or outdoors? Even if you have not previously setup outdoor tables – have things changed? Could the patio be used? The deck? Sidewalk?

FLAT® has a range of indoor and outdoor tables. All of our tables can be used indoors but we recommend our powder coated (black, anthracite or EP) aluminum bases or stainless steel bases for outdoor use. We always recommend our EP (Extra Protection) bases for outdoor use near to salt-water environments for maximum protection from the elements.

Cast iron or standard aluminum bases may eventually rust or pit if used outdoors due to weathering.


Think about the styling and décor that you have already chosen for your restaurant. Are you a casual restaurant, a country pub, a sidewalk café or high-end city restaurant? Choose a base, which will be suitable and align with the atmosphere that you’re trying to achieve. We have a range of bases to meet most styles.

Table Top Sizes

Table top sizes will to a large extent determine which table bases are most suitable for your establishment. Consider your clientele, do they regularly dine alone (like in an airport lounge), have romantic meals for two or do groups often come to celebrate birthdays and other events? Of course, you could have a mixture and your tabletop sizes will need to reflect this. Also, consider the space you have, what will fit, where and maximize your establishment’s potential.

Once you understand your tabletop sizes, start to look at which FLAT® table bases would be most suitable for your establishment, based on our recommended maximum table top sizes and weights.


This is something that not all restaurants and cafés consider but bar height tables can provide great sales opportunities and space. In addition to standard height tables, restaurateurs and quick service groups can benefit from introducing bar height tables to their establishments.

As they are waiting to be seated, diners can wait for their table while enjoying a quick drink at the bar height table. Furthermore, bar height tables accommodate smaller tabletops and chairs are sometimes not needed which saves space. There are a number of FLAT® bar height table bases so take a look.


Can your establishment cater to wheelchair users? Regular table bases often have the base located in the center of the tabletop, which can (depending on the size of the table top) inhibit a wheelchair user’s access to the table. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) states that 5% of foodservice and hospitality tables must be accessible by wheelchair. So in a restaurant with 20 tables, at least one must be ADA compliant. Our AUTO-ADJUST KT22 table base can help proprietors comply with such regulations and help to provide a comfortable environment for all.

Good Luck!

The above are simply points for you to consider and there may be other factors for you to consider.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements with our team, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.