Frequently Asked Questions
FLAT Equalizers

Where can I buy FLAT Equalizers?

FLAT Equalizers can be purchased from our partner resellers around the world. Find your local reseller.

Can I become a reseller?

Yes. Notify us of your interest in becoming a reseller and we will contact you to discuss opportunities.

Can I use Equalizers on my existing table bases?

Yes. They will fit any table that already has removable 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″ or M6, M8, M10 feet. To ensure a fit, please check your existing foot thread size using the thread size guide and select the corresponding Equalizer thread size.

What is the adjustment range for Equalizers?

Equalizers adjust up to 1/4” / 6mm.

Can I use Equalizers outdoors?

Yes. Equalizers are ideal for use on uneven surfaces, outdoors or indoors.

How do Equalizers differ from FLAT® table bases?

FLAT Equalizers provide a stabilisation and table top alignment solution for table bases already owned by an establishment. FLAT table bases are a superb solution for businesses looking for new tables.

The technology found in Equalizers and table bases is similar. FLAT table bases automatically stabilise, whereas Equalizers require a single, gentle press on the table top to stabilise.

FLAT table bases can be adjusted up to 8mm, whereas Equalizers can be adjusted up to 6mm.

How do I stabilise the table once I have installed the Equalizers?

If the table is unstable, simply press down on the table top to stabilise it.

How do I align the table once the Equalizers are installed?

Align two table tops by tilting and pressing down one of the table tops (which compresses the feet) so that it is at the same level as its counterpart. Alternatively, you can lift the other table top to the same height. Its feet will extend and lock.

Will the table stay aligned if someone leans on it?

Equalizers, once locked in place, will stay locked under substantial pressure.  Once an alignment is made and the feet are locked, each foot can withstand up to 13kgs/28.5lbs of pressure before the locks release. If more than that amount is exerted, misalignment can occur.

What is the weight capacity of each Equalizer?

To function optimally, we recommend loads of no more than 28.5 lbs/13kgs per Equalizer

Each Equalizer can hold up to 125 lbs/56.7kg but performance could be affected above the 28.5 lbs/13kgs per Equalizer threshold.

Why can't I get my table to align evenly with Equalizers?

Your table may have damaged or bent legs or have legs of different heights. Some of the adjustment range of the EQ may already be used due to an uneven surface.

How big are Equalizers?

Equalizers are 49mm (including the thread). Once screwed into the table, the average compressed height is 37mm/1.45″. Depending on the table weight the the height may be lower or higher than the average.

What are the thread sizes?

We have 3 metric thread sizes (M6, M8 & M10) and 3 UNC (standard) thread sizes (1/4”, 5/16” & 3/8”). Standard thread sizes are commonly found in the USA with metric threads commonly found outside of the USA. Before ordering Equalizers, identify the size of your existing table foot thread size using the thread size guide.

How do I know the thread sizes of my existing feet?

We recommend asking your local dealer or hardware store. You can also download our thread size guide, which if printed to scale, will give you an indication of your current table foot thread size.

Will Equalizers fit any table?

They will fit any table that already has removable M6, M8 & M10 or 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” feet. To ensure a fit please check your existing foot thread size and select the corresponding Equalizer thread size.

My tables are old and damaged. Will Equalizers work?

The functionality of Equalizers is largely dependent on the state of your existing tables. Tables that are damaged, loose, bent or uneven can inhibit the performance of the Equalizer.

Is there a warranty?

FLAT Equalizers come with a 2-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Can I use Equalizers on other items like chairs?

We have not designed or tested Equalizers to be used on other items. We cannot warrant, guarantee or recommend their use for any other application other than what is designated. In the future, FLAT Equalisers may be suitable for other uses and applications.

Will they increase the overall height of my table?

It depends on the table, the depth of the thread hole in your existing table, and how extended your feet are. The average installation height of the Equalizer (without the thread and partially compressed) is 37mm/1.45”.

What are Equalizers made from?

Equalizers are made from high-impact resistant plastics and a stainless steel thread.

Is the hydraulic fluid inside Equalizers harmful?

The hydraulic fluid inside Equalizers is organic and non-hazardous.

Can Equalizers break?

Equalizers are made from highly durable materials and have been tested to and proven to exceed international standards for durability, strength, safety and stability. However, it can be broken if abused or used incorrectly.

Why do my Equalizers have washers attached?

The washers reduce the likelihood of the Equalizer coming loose from the table base.