Frequently Asked Questions
FLAT Table Bases

How does it work?

Each FLAT table base comes with our self-stabilising hydraulic technology known as the PAD (Patented Actuator Device). Each point of contact with the ground has its own hydraulic cylinder fitted within the leg; all the cylinders are interconnected via fluid hoses. When the first leg makes contact with the ground, the fluid in that cylinder is forced out through the hoses and into the other legs. This causes the other legs to extend outward. Once the final leg makes contact, the weight of the application is transferred through the fluid; triggering the locking mechanisms in the cylinders/feet. Watch our demonstration video.

I own a café — can I just buy the PAD and attach it to my existing table?

No. Only FLAT table bases or table bases that have licensed the FLAT PUK (Patented Undercarriage Key) can accommodate FLAT technology. Each FLAT table base has the PUK molded into the base. The PUK secures the PAD to the table base and helps protect it from damage. Furthermore, all of our table bases have been fully tested to ensure that the technology works perfectly with the table. Take a look at FLAT Equalizers for a solution for fixing your existing wobbly tables.

How much do FLAT table bases cost?

This can vary from region to region, but typically, a FLAT table base costs around $30-$50 more than its "non-FLAT" freestanding restaurant table equivalent. But a FLAT Table Base can pay for itself in the first year with cost savings, operational benefits and customer-service benefits. Take a look at our online calculator to see how much FLAT table bases could save you.

Where can I buy FLAT table bases?

FLAT table bases are available in over 40 countries worldwide. Find your local reseller and select your region and country.

Alternatively, you can call:

FLAT Head Office: +02 9417 6597

U.S. call toll-free: +1 855 999 3528

Europe, the Middle East or Africa: +44 844 247 9411

Can I become a reseller?

We’re always looking for new partner resellers worldwide. Restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars are benefitting from our table bases globally, and we need more resellers to meet demand and push the product into new territories. As the word spreads about the success of our table bases, there are great opportunities for resellers to work with an innovative, problem-solving and in-demand product. If you’re interested in working with us and have existing customers in the foodservice and hospitality industry (such as restaurants, café's, bars or hotels), please let us know and we will make contact with you soon.

I’m a table base manufacturer. Can I design my bases to include your technology?

Yes, but subject to a licensing agreement being agreed to by both parties (you and FLAT). 
Once an agreement is reached, our engineering team will work with you to design and test your "FLAT Ready" table base.

I represent a restaurant chain and am interested in your products — who should I contact?

Please contact us directly — we will discuss with you the best way to proceed.

How much can the feet adjust by?

Our technology can accommodate surface variances of up to .3 inches and adjusts automatically whenever the table is moved. This is adequate for most restaurants, cafes and hotels using the tables either indoors or outdoors.

What range of table base styles does FLAT manufacture?

FLAT Tech manufactures a range of table base styles with varying shapes, finishes, sizes, colors and materials. See our range to download a brochure.

I like your table bases but want them in another color — is this possible?

We can custom color our table bases to complement your restaurant, bar or chain. Custom colors are available by request and subject to minimum order quantities. Please contact us with your specific requirement.

Can I use my existing table tops?

Yes, from our range of table bases including standard and bar-height tables, you will find a style that will allow you to retrofit your existing table top.

What are the recommended table top weights?

Our recommended table top weights vary depending on the table base selected. Restaurants, hotels, bars and chains have differing requirements in terms of table top sizes or type, and we have a broad range of table bases to accommodate most.

You should check the maximum recommended table top sizes and weights on the table bases page of our website or download a brochure. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us — we’d be happy to advise you on the best base for your establishment.

Please note that exceeding our recommended table top sizes and weights may negatively impact the performance of the technology and table.

What size are the holes for my screws in your top plate?

Our cast-iron top plates have 7mm/0.28in wide holes. Our aluminum top plates have 6mm/0.24in wide holes.

I need to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant — which table base would you recommend?

The ADA states that 5% of foodservice and hospitality tables must be accessible by wheelchair. We’d recommend the AUTO-ADJUST KT22 for meeting the requirements outlined in the ADA, as the base can accommodate various table top sizes and can be positioned at the end of the table tops (as opposed to regular table bases being positioned in the center), creating the space required for customers who use wheelchairs.

Can the technology be used both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, both — the technology works indoors and outdoors. And with a range of table bases made from aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron, we have solutions for all environments. Our technology is ideal for tiled, wooden, clay or any other uneven floor, and it performs extremely well on outdoor surfaces such as patios, decking or the sidewalk.

Make sure that you select a table base suitable for outdoor environments (if required) range of Extra Protection table bases (black, anthracite or EP) aluminum or stainless steel bases.

What is inside the PAD?

Within the PAD is a hydraulic fluid that passes through the system, adjusting the feet as the pressure changes. Valves within the feet open, allowing the fluid to move throughout the system and then close to lock automatically and stabilise the table. See how the auto adjusting FLAT technology works.

Is the hydraulic fluid safe?

Yes, the fluid poses no health risk and is securely contained within the PAD.

What happens when it gets wet?

Nothing. The technology works in dry or wet conditions and is completely sealed. You should, however, select a table base suitable for outdoor conditions such as our aluminum (EP or powder coated, colored models) or stainless steel table bases.

What is the warranty period?

We warrant FLAT products for 1 year, although subject to reasonable use, we would expect the longevity of the product to be significantly extended (2-4 years). Should the PAD get damaged, it can be replaced easily. If your PAD becomes damaged, you can easily remove it from the base and replace it with a new one.

What happens when I drag the table?

The PADs (Patented Actuator Devices) located in all FLAT table bases are manufactured from the strongest plastics and have been fully tested both at the R&D and manufacturing stages. However, as with regular table bases, dragging the table, particularly across rough surfaces, can damage the technology. If your PAD becomes damaged, you can easily remove it from the base and replace it with a new one. Where possible, tables should be lifted and not dragged.

Spare parts — where do I get them?

Spare parts for FLAT table bases are available from your dealer or distributor.

How long will the system last?

Our FLAT table bases will last as long as if not longer than their regular counterparts. We expect the technology to operate without issue for around 2-4 years or longer. This is subject to usage and the environment within which the table is placed. Our technology is incredibly strong and has been designed specifically for the hospitality and foodservice sectors. However, dragging and or dropping the tables can (as with all tables) damage the feet, technology and functionality. If your PAD becomes damaged, you can easily remove it from the base and replace it with a new one.

What table top sizes can I use?

We have a range of table bases manufactured to accommodate a range of table top sizes. Our smaller bases are ideal for individuals or small groups, whereas our largest table can accommodate banquets and large groups using table tops up to 60in.

Each FLAT table base has a recommended maximum table top size and weight attributed to it. This is to ensure that our technology works optimally. The recommended table top sizes and weights of each of the products are shown on the product pages.