Future Uses

FLAT Technology is elegant, simple, durable and fits seamlessly into countless products that are challenged by uneven surfaces.

Each point of contact with the ground has its own hydraulic cylinder fitted within the leg, and all the cylinders are interconnected with fluid hoses. We refer to this device as the PAD (Patented Actuator Device). When the first leg makes contact with the ground, the fluid in that cylinder is forced out through the hoses and into the other legs. This causes the other legs to extend outwards. Once the final leg makes contact, the weight of the application is transferred through the fluid, triggering the locking mechanisms in all cylinders. The result is constant stability no matter how often the leg's location is altered.

All objects manufactured with FLAT® will stabilize on any uneven surface instantly, with the application's load distributed perfectly over each foot.

In the future, our patented hydraulic technology will be transferable to a variety of applications where stability is an issue.

What our videos below to see how FLAT technology could become part of our everyday lives.