Proprietors and Restaurant Managers

Wobbly and misaligned tables have plagued the hospitality industry for years. Restaurants, pubs, bars, and hotels around the world give their customers a poor impression as soon as they sit to have a drink or something to eat. 86% of people believe that sitting at a wobbly table is irritating and distracting (source: YouGov survey), but it’s not only the customers that suffer. The bartender, server or hotelier is likely to receive complaints frequently about spilled drinks and annoying wobbles. This can lead to lost revenue and lost customers.

Among people surveyed in a YouGov survey:

of people believe that sitting at a wobbly table is irritating and distracting.
of people think that tables propped up by coasters, napkins, sugar packets, etc. look unsightly.
of people would reconsider returning to an establishment where a wobbly table spoiled their experience.
of people believe that experiencing a wobbly table would give them a negative impression of an establishment.

The facts show that wobbly and misaligned tables present a significant challenge to the foodservice and hospitality industry.

FLAT® self-stabilizing table bases and FLAT Equalizers (for existing tables) eliminate the wobble created by uneven floors and allow you to seamlessly align multiple table tops.

How can FLAT products help your business?

  • Eliminate complaints about wobbly and misaligned tables
  • Save time (re)setting tables
  • Save money on compensatory drinks and meals
  • Improve your customers’ experience
  • Remove unsightly napkins and other props from under tables
  • Reduce spillages and improve safety
  • Protect your brand and image
  • Make use of unused spaces like the sidewalk, patio or decking and generate more sales
  • Increase flexibility, move tables without the hassle and worry, cater to individuals or groups and open up new areas
  • Keep your existing custom coming back!

Can you afford wobbly tables?

You can see how much your existing, wobbly tables could be costing you each year by completing our online calculator – the results can be quite an eye-opener!

See what operators using FLAT are saying by checking out our testimonials page.

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